"We will always be your boys"
— Harry Styles ripping my fucking heart out of my chest in the album booklet (x)


 Only we know….



louis says “you’ve got that big dick” 

harry says “and all his little things”

louis says “cause he’s the best i’ve ever had”

harry says “just like he already owned it”

harry says “i’m in love with lou and all his little things”

louis says “i can’t compete with my boyfriend”

harry says “’cause i can love you more than stan”

louis says “jealous lovers undercover on the street”

"I think you are the next big boyband!"


i just really like boys with skinny legs and nice thighs and cute lil butts and good hair and killer voices ok
one direction
i like one direction

I’ve always wanted a little brothernow I’ve got four of them.


Jan Cieślikiewicz

"I love all 5 of them equally!"
— everyone being a fucking liar in 2011 (via fyonedirection)




watching your favorite band grow older and more famous is probably one of the saddest, happiest and hardest things to do